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Interior design is the blending of art and architecture.

Understanding the impact of Lighting, Audio visual components and how it affects the designer’s artistic approach to the project is often lost on AV companies. Plasma televisions, touch screens and in-wall speakers are rarely what the interior designers want to be the focus of a room.

We have been pioneers in hiding the technology we install. From the “Super Wing”, a hidden cinema screen we designed and prototyped to custom-machined flush bezel touch screens, home cinema projectors and plasma screens hidden behind art pieces or panels in furniture, invisible speakers that do not sacrifice sound quality, we provide a range of solutions to keep technology as discreet as possible.

The application of light into a space is both technical and artistic. Our lighting designers have a master degree level experience in all types of lighting design. Our award winning list of residential, commercial, hospitality, civic, art galleries and museum lighting is your guarantee that we can make you project better and easier.

Working with one consultant for the Lighting and AV simplifies the designer’s job when it comes to achieving the desired outcome. Our CAD and design studio can produce detailed elevations and install drawings as well as full-color renderings in 2D and 3D; full motion “fly through” 3D renderings are also possible. We provide you with a range of support tools to help your client visualize his virtual space and tour the project before construction even starts.

LEED is the present and future of construction. At HTE we have LEED certified and experienced designers on staff, for both Lighting and overall design, we can bring your project into compliance and in many cases not only meet the minimums but attain a Gold LEED status. Our approach is to look at all aspects of the project and find any areas that either require LEED standards or can be changed to meet LEED as an added benefit to the client.

We will partner with you to provide the most amazing compliment to your design. We would be happy to advise on your project. Please do not hesitate to contact us:

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