General Contractors

HomeTech Europe approaches the construction process from a unique perspective.

By assigning a dedicated project manager to your project that represents all aspects of our scope, we avoid the added work of dealing with multiple subcontractors on the project.

By having a strong site present and providing detailed systems information and documents, we reduce the burden on the GC by dealing with issues before they become critical path or cause an unnecessary schedule delay.

Our long standing partnership with several contractors dates back to the early 1990’s. Our proven tested processes allow us to streamline the information flow to insure timely and accurate answers to the inevitable issues that occur on a complex project.

From checking all cabling prior to wall closure, to walking an inspector through the site to coordinating between the architect, interior designer and owner, we can significantly lower the GC workload.

Our processes and information flow are second to none; all change orders or uplifts are documented in details so that you as the GC do not have to “search” for the information. Site conflicts with conditions are dealt with in our time tested approach. 1- identify the conflict; 2- determine a solution or options for solutions; 3- present the conflict and the solution(s) to the GC. We believe that as the experts it is our responsibility to support the GC not drop a problem in their lap.

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