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Why stop at home cinema or lighting control? Blinds, access control, gate, garage door, heating, air conditioning… all this can be fully integrated with today’s control systems.

From a localized control system with a universal remote control to the top of the range integrated system with wall and mobile touch screens, we can design, program and install the best suitable solutions.
The internet and 3G technologies have made true remote access and control a reality. Imagine that you are away on holidays and have just landed at the airport; you have set your heating back to save energy while away. A quick touch of a few keys on your phone and you can set the heating back to home mode; and by the time you arrive the house is warm and the lights are on to greet you. Monitor cameras from any computer or 3G smart phone. All this is possible with today’s systems.


Here is a selection of the wide range of products that we recommend and regularly install:



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