How we work


Creating a personalized environment is only about the client and his lifestyle.


Our collaborative approach starts by listening carefully to his needs and understanding his way of life. We then create a tailored integrated solution to meet his requirements.

We are totally product neutral: we hold major accounts with most of the industry’s leading companies and as such are not tied to any one supplier. We select only the best and most advanced products to fit in the given budget.


Our approach is simple and pragmatic. We start with a generic room-by-room plan. Once approved, we turn it into a full equipment list with product specifications and a detailed quotation. We produce AV drawings with equipment locations overlaid onto the architectural plans, as well as wiring schematics and cable schedule. We brief the onsite electrician and all the other contractors (carpenter for AV cabinets; builder …) involved in the project.


We assign a dedicated project manager during the life of the project. He determines a precise timeframe, coordinates schedule with other parties and organises regular site visits to keep the client informed of the progress and resolve issues whenever necessary.


Once building and plastering is complete, we terminate the installed cables and attach relevant connectors ready for equipment installation. Speakers, televisions, control devices and all other equipment are tested and programmed off site, installed by our specialist engineers and fully tested on site again.

We provide the client with a comprehensive training and a technical manual including details on all the functions, warranties and service contract. We let him “play” with his system for a while…then we follow up and check if anything needs adjusting to match his preferences.

SERVICE & MAINTENANCE: We remain fully committed to our clients: around-the clock support on the system, software updates, range of maintenance contracts. To better serve our clients, we have experts and partners available in our US and European offices.

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