Residential Developers

We work closely with developers to ensure that your properties offer a comprehensive range of home customization choices to your potential buyers.

At an early planning stage of a site, we review with you the most appropriate and saleable technologies to integrate in your properties to add maximum value to their sale; whether laying an infrastructure for the future, or installing a fully working automated system, we work with you to fulfill your requirements.

From basic upgradeable systems to comprehensive solutions, we provide a three-price level system package for home cinema, networking, AV distribution etc for potential buyers to add in to their new property. We offer solutions to suit a wide range of projects, from individual renovations to large multi-property developments.

We offer a complete service from consultation with your team, to working with the buyer, to installing and setting his system up. We remain fully committed to your customers: around-the clock support on the system, software updates, range of maintenance contracts.

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